IndianBicycle Hero Jet Bicycle



Hero Cycles Incorporated is the world's Largest manufacturer of bicycles. I didn't know that in July of 2010 when I bought one, I only knew thet this was the clunkiest most screwed up thing I'd seen on two wheels since the volkswagen-engined Amazonas motorcycles came and went in the late eighties.

In otherwords, a bad idea.

And I had to have it.

From the mild steel frame to the wrought iron luggage rack, from the wheel straddling center stand to the rod actuated brakes, this was a corporate agenda full of stupid.

Or was it?

The Hero Jet Gold I just plunked down a buck and a half for wasn't intended for the american recreational bicyclist, it wasn't even intended for carrying a bicycle courier. No, this bike was made for an unappopogetically utilitarian role: a daily commuter, in a city of a billion people. It only needs one speed bacause, in its intended environment, a rider would never get a decent head of steam going.

This is a bike made to a purpose, and manufactured to a price poit. Sturdy, reliable, simple. Not familiar concepts to a Philadelphian, but just the ticket for the who needs to get to work and lives in a city with 2.2 million people per square mile.*

I've been living with my Hero Jet Gold for almost a year now, and on the whole it's been a fun, if sometimes trying, experience. So come inside, take a look around. If you're considering buying a Hero product, then maybe I can give you some insight into this marquee, and if you already have one, maybe you can just comiserate.

* Not an accurate figure